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What is a HELLA COINS (HELLA) Token?
HELLA Coins (HELLA) Token is the premier 'hella big' focused fun meme reflection token with a 7% Total Transaction fee, paid 3% reflected back to holders and 4% to the liquidity pool.

HELLA Coins (HELLA) Token's core system works by applying a transfer fee on each transaction with the remaining amount of tokens shrinking with each transaction, and so the tokenomics are sustainable, decreasing with each transaction, and non-inflationary.

Every transfer occurs a basic transfer fee, which is automatically and instantly distributed and reflected back amongst all token holders, and pools and hodlers according to the core token parameters, or 3% to Holders and 4% to Liquidity Pool.

HELLA Coins (HELLA) Token is the hott4est new meme token - get some hella coins today!

HELLA Coins Token (HELLA)

HELLA Coins (HELLA) crypto token

How to get HELLA Coins (HELLA)

*(ICO Token info: HELLA Coins (HELLA) Total Circulation: 1,000,000,000,000, Yield 3%, LP: 4%)

+Download MetaMask (metamask.io) and enable it for the Binance smart chain (GUIDE).

Go to Pancakeswap and connect your Metamask wallet.

-Alternatively go to the exchange section, click swap and insert the HELLA Coins address:


Add This Address, Then Fill in the amount of GREENFLECT you want to swap, then set the swap amount.


*Tip: To view HELLA Coins (HELLA) on your Metamask wallet you have to +Add the token manually.

Click on “add custom token” and insert the following address:


Official Link:  0xF078D3a06d67CffDf90BaB3f34aaBE2B2Cb2A204


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